How Tea Party Groups Subsidize Right-Wing Talk Radio

The Politico study details the lucrative sponsorships and how they could potentially affect the message heard on the AM airwaves.

 While their positioning occasionally seems to evolve with their sponsors, there is no evidence of hosts revising their views for paid advertising.

Critics, though, say the deals mislead grass-roots conservative activists, while undermining the credibility of the hosts and the groups.

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Affordable Care Act Sign-Ups Top 8 Million

The figure results from private health insurance sign-ups through the exchanges.

March and April saw an uptick in the share of young people signing up for private plans using the exchanges. These people, who are presumably healthier, are needed to balance out the medical costs of older, sicker consumers. About 35 percent of people who signed up throughout the open enrollment period were under 35 years old, including children, Obama said. Twenty-eight percent were between the ages of 18 and 34, according to a White House fact sheet.

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Progressive Talker Randi Rhodes is Leaving Her Syndicated Radio Show

Randi Rhodes is leaving her radio show May 16th, the progressive talk show host officially announced on her radio show Monday.

A summary of the release from Premiere Networks stated that Rhodes decided to end her radio show on her terms.  Rhodes confirmed the statement on Monday, indicating that she could be a “more effective advocate” in a different capacity.  She also said, “corporate media is not my thing,” and does not anticipate a return to media in the near future.

The announcement comes as a shock to many Randi Rhodes fans, who expected her to broadcast until the end of her contract.  She was renewed through 2014 with an option for 2015.

It is unknown who will replace Rhodes on her affiliated radio stations.  Syndicated progressive talker Thom Hartmann, who also hosts a radio show from 3-6 pm Eastern, is a potential replacement for Rhodes.  His show reaches over 2.5 million weekly listeners.

On Rhodes’ conservative stations, she is expected to be replaced by conservative talk show hosts.

Rhodes was with Premiere Networks (then Premiere Radio Networks) – the syndication arm of Clear Channel Communications – since 2009.


Three Days of US Drone Strikes Reportedly Kill 55 Militants in Yemen

Statistics around the death toll, however, remain fluid.

By noontime in Washington, DC on Monday, the Associated Press reported that 55 Al-Qaeda militants were among those that had been killed in an hours-long series of strikes that targeted a training camp operated by the group, according to Yemen’s interior ministry. The United States is alleged to have carried out the strike using unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, but does not legally have to acknowledge any operations conducted by its Central Intelligence Agency and has not commented.

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Edward Snowden Appears on Russian TV, Challenges Putin on Mass Surveillance

Despite criticism from media members, Snowden asked the question to challenge Russian President Putin’s stance on surveillance.  In fact, he called Putin’s answers “evasive” and inconsistent.

Snowden said his question — which he summarized in his piece as “Does [your country] intercept, analyze or store millions of individuals’ communications?” — was meant to mirror an “infamous exchange” in a U.S. Senate hearing in which the director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., denied that the NSA collected data on millions of Americans. He said that “Clapper’s lie . . . was a major motivating force behind my decision to go public” with evidence of massive NSA programs to collect bulk telephone, Internet and other communications data.

Snowden went on to ask Putin whether a mass surveillance program, even if “effective and technically legal,” could ever be morally justified.

The questions were intended “to invite either an important concession or a clear evasion” from Putin, Snowden wrote.


For more reaction to Snowden’s appearance on Russian television, here is another article worth reading.

Attorney General Holder is “Cautiously Optimistic” About Washington, Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization

Holder revealed his cautious optimism to The Huffington Post.

“I’m not just saying that, I think it’s hard to tell,” Holder said in a jury room at the federal courthouse in Charleston, which he visited as part of the Justice Department’s Smart on Crime initiative. “I think there might have been a burst of feeling that what happened in Washington and Colorado was going to be soon replicated across the country. I’m not sure that is necessarily the case. I think a lot of states are going to be looking to see what happens in Washington, what happens in Colorado before those decisions are made in substantial parts of the country.”

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Kevin Edson, Boston Man, Charged With Placing Fake Bomb at Boston Marathon Finish Line

He is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

Kevin Edson, 25, who also goes by the name Kayvon Edson, is charged with possession or use of a hoax device and making a false bomb threat, reports CBS Boston. Those charges carry sentences of up to five and 20 years in state prison, respectively, according to Jake Wark, the spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley.

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