On Tonight’s Show: Austerity and Plan B

Ted Turner greets George Karakehian at Ted’s Montana Grill to talk about the bison preserve. Ted Turner visited his restaurant in Boulder on Friday to announce the start of a buffalo ranch and receive an award. (Courtesy Cliff Grassmick / Daily Camera)

1.  Boulder City Council voted 7-1 last night to not accept CNN founder Ted Turner’s gift of returning bison back to the Boulder area for now. They still want to explore other areas for the bison to roam that are not around US 36 as originally proposed. The main reason why the bison were not accepted was because of the worries about overgrazing and the high cost of building fences to keep in the bison.

Thank goodness they voted this down–I know it would be nice if they could reclaim their land, but they can’t roam freely due to the fact people live there.  Also, putting the bison near US 36 is not a good idea, unless drivers like running over them late at night.

2.  People who receive unemployment benefits were overpaid by a total of $128 million due to mostly clerical errors from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. The government wants all of the overpaid money back, and they are asking people on unemployment to pay back thousands of dollars.

Dear Governor Hickenlooper, the people that are paid unemployment benefits are not employed. Therefore, they don’t have that kind of money lying around their house. Why don’t you just admit that your department screwed up, and don’t collect the money? If anybody rips off the government, they will be prosecuted, but if the government makes a mistake, then the people pay for it literally and figuratively.

3. In Colorado’s 8th State Senate District, the GOP primaries are getting heated. Fliers are currently being circulated by supporters of both GOP challenger Randy Baumgardner and State Senator Jean White trashing their records as members of the Colorado State Legislature. One flyer had a picture of Randy Baumgardner falling asleep in his chair with the caption, “Rep. Randy Baumgardner was asleep at the wheel while the legislature raised your car tax.” Another flyer was attacking Senator Jean White for voting to fund “abortion-on-demand” provider Planned Parenthood and for siding with the “radical homosexual lobby.”

Oh, those pesky homosexuals with their quest for equal protection under the law! What kind of a person would want that?!

4. Despite what conservatives think, studies show that Plan B, an emergency contraceptive, does not stop a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine walls. In fact, it delays ovulation and builds up more mucus in the cervix so the sperm cannot fertilize the egg. Plan B is not an “abortion inducing drug,” unlike RU-486, which is the medication used in abortions that eliminate implanted embryos.

I wonder if conservatives will ignore these facts, too.

5. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won the recall election last night 53% to 46%. This victory is a huge blow to progressives everywhere, but it does not necessarily mean that this recall is bad for President Obama. New exit polling have Wisconsinites supporting President Obama over Governor Romney.

Don’t count out the progressives quite yet–there is still a long way to go until November. Also, Romney probably won’t be able to fund-raise on an almost eight to one margin like Governor Walker.

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