On Tonight’s Show: Drunk Fighting and Colorado Fundraising

1.  A Longmont man was arrested in Boulder over the weekend for allegedly punching two other men outside of the Absinthe House downtown.  Mark Allen Smith drove away drunk after the doorman called the police, and during a DUI stop, Smith blew a .218 on the breathalyzer.

Talk about someone who drank way too much…

2.  The Democratic and Republican House candidates for all of Colorado’s congressional districts have released their fundraising reports for this past quarter along with total fundraising. For 1190 listeners within our signal range, pay special attention to the fundraising numbers of District 2 (Polis v. Lundberg), District 4 (Gardner v. Shaffer), District 6 (Coffman v. Miklosi), and District 7 (Perlmutter v. Coors).

(Note: I have interviewed both Polis and Lundberg for my home Congressional District, so if you want more information about their candidacy, click on the News/Talk link under “Audio Clips,” and scroll down to the “interviews” section.)

3. Mitt Romney raised $2.5 million at a 300-person Republican fundraiser in Aspen, Colorado on Monday.  The event took place at the home of William Kunkler and Susan Crown.  The dinner and cocktail event cost $50,000, which does not include a $10,000 photograph with Romney or $2,500 for admission to a general reception.

So that’s where our tax cuts for the wealthy went to…


Articles of Note:

Rooms at the inn: 4 new hotels can bring 600 new hotel rooms to Boulder

Boulder City Council to weight options for parks sales tax extensions

Longmont police suspect arson in Bowen Street fire

Pagliacci’s in North Denver to close after 66 years

George Zimmerman accused of molestation by female relative

Democratic senator dangles letting all Bush tax cuts expire

Syrian Defector: “The battle for Demascus is coming”

FDA approves Truvada for HIV/AIDS prevention

NHL owners’ proposal sets blueprint for another stoppage

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